Benjamin Nazario || Blog Post #10

Avatar (2009): 



     For this weeks blog post I have decided to talk a little bit about the movie Avatar directed James Cameron. At first this seems like an odd choice for this weeks chapter which is Film History. But the way I see it Avatar is a film that is going to go down in history in the next couple years, it actually has already. There are several different reasons why I think that this film will indeed go down in history as one of the most influential and innovative films. 



     First and for most, the visual effects/animation of this film is something that has never been seen before during the time this was made back in 2009. The film took animation and live action and combined them in a way that was never seen. The animation, which was the majority of the film was not exactly animation. It wasn’t just a computer generated image and a simple voice over of an actor. But rather it was a special technology that was used that put sensors on each actors body from head to toe. They shot the majority of the film in a giant room with over 1,000 cameras on the ceilings and the walls to get every movement of the actors. This was the shown on the computer. But before this they decided to take still photos of each actors face to get an exact animation of their every muscle, wrinkle, and bone. This is something that is used in today’s animation, but during 2009 this was legendary. This is why I decided to do this weeks blog post on this film. Because 20-30 years down the road when this topic comes up in a conversation, they will state that Avatar directed by James Cameron was the first movie to successfully do this. The following video shows almost every aspect of the process that they had to do for this special animation/VFX. (



     One other factor in this weeks chapter was to look a little bit at the directors motives and his repeated methods. It seems like James Cameron is very selective with his move making, he seems to attempt to make movies that are completely innovative for the time being. As he did with Titanic, which was a multi million dollar movie and an innovative one to say the least. He did the same with Avatar, making a movie that opened peoples eyes and will in deep go down in history as one of the most innovative films of all time. 




Benjamin Nazario 

Art & History of Film 

Blog Post #10 

21 April 2014 


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