Blog post 8; Editing

Not the most challenging movie but by far one of the most quoted teen movies in pop culture history. Mean Girls staring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams is about a girl in an American high school for the first time trying to take down the popular girl who every one hates but in turn she becomes that same girl. The editing in this film is clever sine the main character Cady is from Africa many scenes show her comparing the people around her to the animals in the African wildlife

The shot in this film especially at the bringing are some what long because it shows the perception on the main character and her taking in her surroundings of her new environment. When Cady is being introduced to the clicks in the cafeteria the shots are quick to show her eye movement across the drawn map. The shot then fades to the live layout of the tables into the next scene. The film also used the split screen technique when the girls are talking on the phone.
It’s just those small editing tools that make this film such a pop culture hit. Don’t forget to wear pink on Wednesday!


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