Jurassic Park – Sound

Sound effects often make the unbelievable believable. They help navigate a story and guide emotions from its audience. No other film is better known for this then the ever so classic Jurassic Park. The film takes place on a fictional island in Costa Rica; in which a billionaire philanthropist and a team of geological scientist have created a wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs. The film begins after a park worker is killed and investors demand that experts go visit the park and label it as safe. The story unravels after the theme park experiences a power break down during a tour for visitors.

Jurassic Park uses the element of sound and tells a story by incorporating the concept of fear. The audience is visually connected by the sounds used in Jurassic Park. If it weren’t for the sound, the scene would often not have the same meaning. For example; there is one scene in the movie where the T- Rex attacks a woman on a dark and stormy night. If the element of sound was not available; the audience would not have the notion of fear. Sound is often recorded in the background. It is an important concept but is sometimes not noticed. Rain is an example of background sound; In the movie Jurassic Park there are several scenes in which it is raining ; the noise of rain is heard and is important but may be secondary to the story of the film.

Jurassic Park was a revolutionary film that used the concept of sound to emotionally stimulate its audience. If you haven’t done so already, I definitely recommend you see it.

Mohammad Ahmad
History of Film


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