Sound|Inception|Jay A. Patel

That noise has become a staple in film trailers for the past few years. It all started with Inception. The film itself was great, a cinematic marvel to say the least. Sound wise, it was phenomenal. The sound editing done for the film gave the story and the world that Chris Nolan created depth and a type of reality that makes the film believable. However, one sound is all that comes away from the film. BWOOOOOOOOOM.

This noise is famous with this film. This sound was used throughout the film to create a sense of danger, a sense of wonder, and a sense of excitement. The sound meant that something was about to happen that would shock audiences or cause the heightened level of emotion in viewers. Good movies are made of good sound. Not only the dialogue that is spoken but also the sound and music that cover the silent aspects of film. If we watched a movie where only dialogue was heard but there would be no crash or bang when two cars collided, viewers would pan the film and it wouldn’t be all that great.

This specific sound that was created for the film Inception has been repackaged and reused by many films, Prometheus being one of them. The reason behind this is because the sound does what all good sounds are meant to do, make you feel. Hearing the now iconic, reverberating boom, gives off this sense of danger and high octane action. While the Prometheus film uses a quieter version of the Inception sound, it uses it for the same purpose that it was used in for the Inception film.

Sound makes the movie. Visual, acting, and dialogue all play a part but in the end the viewer needs to feel like they are there. Even if it’s only for a minute, the viewer needs to get this feeling that what they are seeing, actually happened and the only way to do that is with proper sound. It needs to be real for the situation presented or the whole things loses its value and interest in the eyes of a film goer. When Inception came out in 2010, it introduced this sound to audiences, not only in the trailer but also the film. Now, nearly four years later, that same noise is tied together with Inception and known as the Inception sound. That is what good sound is, something that is so good that it sticks, that it gets reused, and that it is easily recognizable.


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