I chose to talk about Requiem For A Dream for this blog post because when I think of movies with a lot of different editing styles put into one film, it’s this one. The editor plays with speed, sidebyside framing, overlapping sound, and special effects. This movie has it all when it comes to editing.
Requiem for a Dream is a movie about addiction, failed dreams, and there is no such thing as “easy street”. During the scenes when the characters shoot heroin or when they are selling drugs, there are quick close up shots of the steps they take until they get high and when they make drug transactions. These scenes are very fast with extreme close up shots and the sounds effects are really crisp and clear and sometimes exaggerated. It spares the viewer some of the gory details of shooting up and snorting heroin, and over all, getting really stoned, but it’s equally disturbing yet captivating to watch. The sounds are crisp and exaggerated to give the viewer a taste of what it feels and sounds like to be high. Everything is crisp and clear when you’re high.
Another scene with incredible, disturbing editing is the scene when Sara Goldfarb, Harry’s mother, is so hopped up on diet pills that she thinks her refrigerator is trying to eat her and that she is also on television. The scene has very low lighting, and the sound effects are really eerie and it’s made to look as though she is in a fishbowl. Sara is obviously disoriented and the viewer is forced to feel the same way through the camera work and editing.


-Abbi Newfeld


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