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Jurassic Park – Sound

Sound effects often make the unbelievable believable. They help navigate a story and guide emotions from its audience. No other film is better known for this then the ever so classic Jurassic Park. The film takes place on a fictional island in Costa Rica; in which a billionaire philanthropist and a team of geological scientist have created a wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs. The film begins after a park worker is killed and investors demand that experts go visit the park and label it as safe. The story unravels after the theme park experiences a power break down during a tour for visitors.

Jurassic Park uses the element of sound and tells a story by incorporating the concept of fear. The audience is visually connected by the sounds used in Jurassic Park. If it weren’t for the sound, the scene would often not have the same meaning. For example; there is one scene in the movie where the T- Rex attacks a woman on a dark and stormy night. If the element of sound was not available; the audience would not have the notion of fear. Sound is often recorded in the background. It is an important concept but is sometimes not noticed. Rain is an example of background sound; In the movie Jurassic Park there are several scenes in which it is raining ; the noise of rain is heard and is important but may be secondary to the story of the film.

Jurassic Park was a revolutionary film that used the concept of sound to emotionally stimulate its audience. If you haven’t done so already, I definitely recommend you see it.

Mohammad Ahmad
History of Film


Good Will Hunting

Over the weekend I revisited one of my favorite movies Good Will Hunting. This is a film staged around Will Hunting ( the protagonist) whom is a genius, yet a troubled teen raised in the streets of Boston. Will is in police custody after an altercation with a police officer. He enters a plea agreement in which he agrees to visit with a therapist ( Robin Williams) and apply his advanced skills with a renowned professor (Skarsgard). Through his therapy sessions, we learn that Will was a victim of child abuse and is psychologically scarred. After spending some time with his therapist, Will begins to reconsider his relationship with his friends, girlfriend and future. The film revolves around the complex character of Will and his decisions relating to his life.

Chapter six talks to us about Cinematography which is the process of capturing moving images on film or digital storage device. Cinematographers are responsible for following many things in each shot and setup. One thing that they are responsible for deals with properties of the shot ( film stock, lighting sense). Most films ( inclduing Good Will Hunting) are shot on either black and white or colored film stock. Speed is very important in Film Stock. Slow Film Stocks ( such as Goodwill Hunting) are those that require a lot of light. Light emphasizes the importance in certain situations. Film Stock that are required in low light situations are called slow. Chapter Six also emphasizes the importance on different type of lenses. In Good Will Hunting we see a lot of Middle focal length lenses, which help us produce images that correspond to our day to day experience of depth and perspective. Through the use of the focal lens we can see the uncertainty and nervousness portrayed in Damon’s Character, when faced with life altering decisions. These characteristics can easily relate to the viewer on an interpersonal basis.

Good Will Hunting is a great film that connects with its viewers. There are several situations in which the emphasis of Cinematography captures the importance of a situation in the film. When given the chance, definitely check out this film.

Delivery Man

The movie I saw over spring break was called Delivery Man. This movie was an American comedy- drama film-starting actor Vince Vaughn. The movies plot revolved around protagonist David Wozniak, whom is a helpless delivery driver for his families butcher shop. Wozniak is in financial trouble and owes a substantial amount of money to some very dangerous people. After returning from work one day, David is approached by a lawyer from a sperm bank that claims he is the biological father of 533 children. To make matters worst, one hundred and forty two of those children have filed a lawsuit to force the clinic in revealing the identity of David, whom goes by the mysterious name “Starbuck”. David’s lawyer provides a profile of each one of these children and through that David performs random acts of kindness in hopes of unanimously reconnecting with some of his children. After spending some time, David decides to reveal his identity, but after being assaulted by “thugs” David countersues his claim and wins a sum of two hundred thousand dollars. Once he thinks matters over, David decides to reveal his identity on social media.

Going into this movie I was expecting to see actor Vince Vaughn act amongst lines of comedies he has performed in the past, such as Old School and Wedding Crashers. Being a fan of Vaughn’s work, I was pleasantly surprised to see him add an element of emotion and realism to his skillset. As explained in chapter seven, Vaughn deliberately played against the viewer’s expectation, illustrating a more serious and emotional persona rather than his normal sarcastic and funny one. This chapter also talks about Naturalistic vs. non-naturalistic performances. Vaughn’s performance was considered a naturalistic performer as an average middle-aged guy who did not think of the long-term effects of donating his sperm. His attributes as a simple man also played a key role in him not thinking about his investment decisions when borrowing money from thugs. These issues are naturalistic because the viewer may identify with them, where as a non-naturalistic situation is often exaggerated and blown out of proportion.

Overall Delivery Man was a good movie. Vince Vaughn proved himself to be versatile actor breaking away from his usual sarcastic and comedic persona.

Nabil Ahmad

Blog 3

Over the weekend I decided to watch a Bollywood movie. I thought that this would be an interesting contrast to Hollywood films, since Bollywood is considered to be over the top and often is one dimensioned with its story lines. The film I chose to watch was called Zindagi Na Milinge Dobara, which in English means One Life to live. When watching this film I was delightfully surprised. It was not your conventional Bollywood love saga.

The film revolved around three main characters Arjun Kabir and Imran, each ignoring the harsh realities that haunt them. The story follows these three characters (who happen to be best friends), journey to Spain.  The trip is taken as a bachelor party, in order to celebrate Kabirs marriage. As the story unravels we begin to take an in depth look into the psyche of each character. Arjun, who is a workaholic, is haunted by his past and is determined to retire by the age of forty. His top priority is money and revolves his life around his job. Imran, a light hearted fellow, who is a poet  had learned that he was adopted prior to his trip, coincidentally his father lives in Spain. Imran is conflicted with this news and is determined  to meet his father. Kabir is portrayed as the practical, level headed character in this film. However, throughout the journey of the film, we learn that Kabir is actually unhappy with his engagement. He feels that his fiancé has changed, but does not have the courage to call off his engagement. Each character develops their own in depth story and eventually overcome their obstacles.

The setting of this film takes in Spain. It is a non fictional film and portrays a coming of age story. This film is narrated beautifully and captures the audiences attention throughout its two and half hour time frame. The genre of this film would be considered a drama, however it is filled with light hearted moments that make you laugh. If you are looking to watch a film that is well written and beautifully acted, watch Zindagi Na Milinge Dobara.

The Truman Show

Over the weekend I revisited one of my favorite films The Truman Show.  The protagonist in this movie ( Truman Burbank) is under the assumption that he is living a perfect life with a perfect family inside of a perfect world. Little that he knows, that his “town” of Seahaven is a giant set built underneath a dome in Los Angeles. Truman’s  entire life is based on a reality television program which is filmed with thousands of cameras on a consistent basis. To prevent Truman from discovering his false reality, Christof ( the shows creator) has limited Truman’s curiosity of discovery. Such an example would be of Truman’s father being killed during a fishing trip, making Truman fear Water. Despite Christof’s attempts, Truman did have times in which he acted unexpectedly. During the show, Christof had intended Truman to fall in love with his wife  Meryl, instead Truman fell in love with an extra on the show named Sylvia. As time pursued Truman’s curiosity accumulated more and he eventually discovered the truth.

Chapter two speaks on the emphasis of lighting in a movie. There are several instances in which lighting plays a pivotal role in The Truman Show. One in particular deals with a scene in where Truman and Sylvia ( his first love) are at a beach. Due to her guilty conscious, Sylvia had decided to come clean to Truman. As she was about to tell Truman the truth, Christof ( the creator) decides to create a huge storm. Lighting and weather  suddenly changes from a bright and clear day to a dark and dangerous storm. Sylvia is then quickly removed from the set, before having the chance to come clean to Truman. The director of this movie is often seen playing around with lighting. On several occasions, he uses a bright contrast as a positive approach and a dark setting as a negative.

Chapter two also puts an emphasis on camera movements. The Truman show emphasizes important movements in various scenes. Towards the end of the movie, Truman makes an all out effort to escape his town Seahaven.  After nearly drowning on a boat , Truman discovers that his life was a perception based on a reality T.V show. Once escaped,  Truman sees the exit sign on set. Christof (the creator of the show) attempts to persuade Truman to stay on the set, saying that life outside of it is no better than life on the set. The camera then quickly focuses a close up shot on Truman, in which he says “in case if I don’t see you, good afternoon good evening and good night”.  The director emphasizes the most important scene in the movie solely on Truman’s Character, emphasizing  his true emotions and feelings about his false life.

The Truman Show is a great movie, which deals with the controversial topic of having someone’s life on reality T.V.

Mohammad Ahmad